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How to play online casinos? This may seem very simple and accessible to everyone, which is true. However, there are some tips that can help you a lot. Namely, small pistons and things you need to be alert about. We share everything in this article, so stay with us! Here are the keys right away, to set up serene and quality gaming sessions.

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1 – First Rule: Set a Budget

The most important thing before you start playing is to set a budget . This may seem basic and simplistic, it is however of the greatest importance on an online casino! In this way make sure you have a safe and healthy game. So how do you do it?

First step: calculate your fixed expenses . What you need to spend monthly to pay your rent, food and all your other recurring bills. Whether it’s the internet, electricity or the telephone… Then set aside a leisure budget . And in this Leisure budget , a sub-budget intended for your deposits at online casinos. This can be a monthly budget, or a weekly budget depending on your frequency of play.

Last step, of importance: respect your budget! This is definitely what you should consider as your security perimeter . Here is the first No Deposit Casino Bonus rule for playing at an online casino.

2 – Second Rule: Self-probe

Yes, you read perfectly well! Before you start playing at an online casino, it is very important to do a little introspection . The questions to ask are whether our physical condition allows us to play. But also to know if our mind is positive enough at that time.

And other advice Casino Bonus Without Deposit , do not play if you are under the influence of alcohol or another substance . Or in the grip of anger . Make sure your mind is always clear, as you are about to bet your money  !

Try to aim for total relaxation . A tranquility. Some games like Blackjack or Poker also require concentration. More than slot machines for example. Self-criticism is therefore an essential quality here. Be honest with yourself so you don’t take too much risk with your money.

Yoga, meditation, sport, shamanic ritual… Everything is good for you to “relax”! Do not hesitate to search and then find your method. To start your game with a winning spirit. It’s the law of attraction 😉

3 – Third Rule: A Reliable Online Casino

Determination of a budget which is therefore your perimeter of security, peace of mind … Let’s go! You are now ready to learn the signs to know to detect a reliable online casino. Locate a trusted casino by making sure it has a legal license first . As well as various deposit options . And finally, efficient and available customer service .

Online Casino License

First criterion of confidence, the legal online casino license is issued by specific authorities in each country. Licenses are often found from Curacao , but also from Cyprus, Costa Rica or Malta . Finally, the United Kingdom is also a recognized authority, as is Gibraltar .

Depending on the country, the license has a more or less good reputation. Because it is more or less difficult to obtain. The license of Malta for example, is very respected. The supervision and the regulation are however ensured for the online casino whatever the license.

To obtain a license, online casinos must meet several criteria. A long and laborious process, however, bringing imperative credit in the field. Thanks to a clickable logo generally located at the bottom of the page, the player can check the actual presence of a license.

If you find that the online casino of your choice does not have a license, do not deposit any money there. Bonus Casino No Deposit Advice .

Payment Methods

The deposit options at an online casino, depending on the proposal made, indicates if there is a lot of traffic. Many payment methods, preferably popular, are a good sign.

Very often, players will have the choice between conventional payment methods; like Visa or Mastercard . But also alternative methods of payment such as PayPal , Skrill , Neteller … What are called electronic wallets or e-wallets, and e-tickets.

Customer Support

The customer service of an online casino must meet a few essential criteria. Like the availability to the player, the reactivity or even the efficiency to solve the least of your concerns. Because customer service is your link to the online casino. He is your intermediary in case you meet an imponderable.

The customer service is commonly available by email or by phone . But also by Live Chat . The support is effective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes the time slots are shorter. Bonus Casino Sans Depot recommends that you test customer service beforehand. Before registering at the online casino. Do not deposit money at an online casino unless you have studied the platform beforehand.

4 – Fourth Rule: Check the Bonuses

To play casino online properly, you need to know how bonuses work. The first step is to know them and that is why Bonus Casino Sans Depot presents the main ones here. Being interested in bonuses and their conditions of use is a crucial thing. Because they are the biggest asset of online casinos to attract players.

Indeed, they can possibly allow you to multiply your earnings. But this, only if you master the conditions. Note on this point, that each online casino has its own rules of the game regarding bonuses. And each bonus also has different wagering requirements .

So let’s take a closer look at 3 bonuses. Namely, the No deposit bonus , Cashback and Freespins .

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is an amount offered by online casinos to its players. Without the latter needing to deposit money.

It is true that players very much appreciate this bonus. Most customer services will tell you that they are very often requested by players claiming no deposit bonuses . The more you play regularly, the more likely you are to win a no deposit bonus .

But this requires that online casinos offer them! What is not won in advance. This is the reason why casino referral platforms like Bonus Casino Sans Depot guide you. Our goal is to identify and test for you the best online casinos of the moment! And as our name suggests, find for you No Deposit Bonus Casinos!

Finally, concerning the no deposit bonus, it should be distinguished from the free game mode called fun mode . Because with the bonus, no time restriction, all the games on the platform are accessible. Just be connected to your player account.


After depositing your money, the online casino can offer you Cashback . This bonus is a kind of return on investment. If by depositing 100 euros for example, the casino offers you 30% cashback … This means that your total playing credit is 130 euros .

Cashback is also very popular with players. Because it does not meet the same wagering requirements as the other bonuses.

The Freespins

Freespins are free spins of video poker machines or slot machines . It is indeed the bonus of slot machines par excellence. Tens, fifty or even hundreds of freespins will be offered to you depending on the online casino! In general, the platforms are very generous on this bonus and the players love it!

5 – Fifth Rule: Choosing Your Online Casino

To choose your online casino, you will have to have in mind the reliability criteria. But also check the bonuses. And finally, know some tips that we are pleased to share with you here … Namely, the payout rate of the online casino, and the volatility of a machine.

The Payout Rate

What is the redistribution or repayment rate? This is in fact an essential criterion. Since this is the percentage of winnings earned by the online casino within 24 hours . And that it will redistribute to the players.

The payout rate is much more attractive in online casinos than in land-based casinos where it does not exceed 95%. On the internet, it is around 98% . This is a criterion for issuing the legal online casino license . However, it is not the casino that determines this rate, but rather the providers of each game.

At the online casino then choose games at an attractive redistribution rate, to obtain a satisfactory average rate.


The volatility of a machine, we do not know what it means at first. And yet, this is a very important concept! For slot machines, this is a crucial concept since it determines the donation capacity of a machine.

If the machine has high volatility , then the gains may be very high. But also widely spaced over time. Low volatility , and gains will be small but very frequent. As for average volatility, average earnings and from time to time.

To know the rate of repayment how to do? The player can first ask the question to customer service. And he can also observe the pay table available for each machine. This rate is no secret and it must be communicated if it is not explicitly communicated.

Here you are, ready to take on all the online casinos on the net. Also, check all the rules of the game on our Bonus Casino No Deposit site before you start playing! Good luck to you from our entire team!