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Bonus Casino Sans Depot reveals the 5 great secrets to finding a slot machine that suits you! The one that will accompany you throughout your outstanding gaming sessions at our Top online casinos You don’t always think about it, and yet choosing a slot machine requires knowing certain objective criteria. Some notions tips are to master! Don’t panic, we explain everything to you here, so follow us!

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Slot Machine: A Little History…

1895 marks the birth of the Liberty Bell in San Francisco, whose creator is Charles August Fey . Since then, the success of slot machines has always been growing. The 3 reel slot machine has evolved! Until the new video slot machines from Betsoft , Fugaso , BestSlots and other flagship creators.

It quickly became the major asset of land casinos, first of all. And now, for more than 20 years, that of online casinos too.

The slot machine comes in different aspects. On the internet it is classic or video and 3D video. Find out right away how to select the right slot machine at online casinos!

Slot Machine: Online Casino or Land Casino?

In land casinos first, the physical slot machine now has 5 reels . You insert your chips, and you press the ” Play  ” button  . Then off we go for the Jackpot quest  ! The pleasure of seeing the tokens flocking in the cash register for this purpose. The enchanting and heady little music… Inimitable! For those who like the atmosphere of land-based casinos, it is true that it is incomparable to online gaming.

But some will prefer their domestic comfort. And they will also be served! Because on online casinos, there is a plethora of variety on each platform . Players will find all possible visuals. These are becoming more and more elaborate. With 3D characters , more and more sophisticated graphics. High Technology requires! The video slot provider now creates intrigue. Each machine is a universe in its own right.

On the financial side, it may be more interesting to play at online casinos than in a land-based casino. For the simple reason that in fact, the rate of redistribution is higher on the internet. Your chances of winning are therefore greater. This is the next point.

Online Slot Machine: The Redistribution Rate

This concept is important to know to select your online casino and more precisely your slot machine. Online, or at a land-based casino, players’ earnings are actually determined. And this, by what is called the redistribution or repayment rate. But then, what is it?

The payout rate is the rate redistributed to players on all of the profits earned by the casino. And this, over 24 hours only. In online casinos it often reaches 98% , when it is rather 95% in land casinos. Or an additional interest to play online!
In fact, the payout rate of a casino is the average rate of the rates of each online casino game. Because this percentage is actually set by the game provider. It is therefore up to the online casino to select the right games to benefit from a good payout rate. It is in his interest.

This rate is either, explicitly communicated by the online casino on its platform. Is displayed on the machine when you start your game. But you can still, if you cannot find it, request it from customer service .

Slot Machine: Volatility

This notion is also often overlooked by players.

This is why Bonus Casino Sans Depot explains this rather technical concept to you. By providing you with all the information necessary for your good game.

The volatility of a machine is in fact its capacity to deliver gain in a more or less limited time.

A machine with high volatility gives a lot of gains, but rarely. Low volatility will result in small gains, frequently. And finally, average volatility will yield average gains from time to time.

Here again, the supplier determines the volatility of a machine. And if the volatility rate of a machine is not apparent, you can also request it from customer service . Another possibility is to observe the pay table . So how does it work ? Does the machine offer 5,000 tokens or less? Here is low volatility. 10,000 or more tokens? This is high volatility.

Finally, players will choose their slot machine according to their preferences. If they want to hit the Jackpot once and for all, they will need a highly volatile machine. A low volatility machine can be more than enough if players just want to have fun.

Fun and Freespins mode

To determine your favorite slot machine, you should at best be able to try it out. And there again, one of the advantages of playing online. Because if the land casinos do not allow free mode to try the slot machines … Online casinos do! This is commonly called fun mode .

To play in fun mode therefore, you do not need to deposit money into the player account. Sometimes even players do not need to register beforehand. Preferably, choose an online casino where you can play in trial mode. But if this is not the case, you can always request a bonus without deposit . Only if the casino offers it of course. In order to try the games of the given platform.
It is always a good idea to try the games beforehand, before betting any money on them. To the extent that you are about to invest money and time. Make sure you know how your machine works. The fun mode is also fun to discover the latest titles, the new games.

Slot Machines: The Table of Bets

The player can bet in several ways. The bets are made on the different reels of the slot machine, so:

  • Horizontal  ;
  • Vertical  ;
  • On one or more lines.

Many options therefore, with a bet generally ranging from 50 cents to 2 euros.
But what is the right bet? Well, it is the one that allows you to simply stay within your budget. And not to burn everything in 5 minutes, but to really enjoy a quality gaming session. This is why it is interesting to study the table of bets.

It is true that playing on a slot machine is accessible to everyone. The options may however vary from machine to machine. So be alert and vigilant!

Ready for the Jackpot?

On some slot machines, you will be able to access progressive jackpots . Others have the option “micro-stakes”. Players must research and the criteria of play that suit them, and the visual that suits them. See the universe and the characters for the video slots.

To win a Jackpot, you will need to bet on a machine with high volatility. As our explanations indicate above, you will therefore need a lot of patience! But remember to always keep an eye on your budget! This is YOUR safety criterion! Only in this way can you play serenely.

Remember to always check the trust criteria that Bonus Casino Sans Depot explains in its beginner’s guide  ! Good luck to you !